Patient Portal

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We have partnered with Patient Ally to provide a free, secure, confidential, and easy to use patient portal that enables our Clinical Team and Patient Care Team members to connect with our patients. Current and new patients can register, log in, and access messages as well as important documents regarding their services and treatment.  While Patient Ally offers a variety of tools for patients to access and manage their personal health records, we are currently employing the messaging and documents features and will add more facets in the future. Have questions? You can watch the quick 4-minute tutorial video below. Also, you can scroll down the screen for answers to frequently asked questions. Need more help? Please contact Patient Ally at 1-888-747-4255 or via email,

We recommend you use caution and appropriate internet safety measures when accessing your information. While our Patient Ally patient portal is secure, it is your responsibility to insure your email address and account is private and no one else has access. Do not use public wifi, or connections you do not trust, and avoid logging in via public, shared computers or other devices where your login details or private information could be compromised. As with any other password, do not share your Patient Ally password with anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I enroll with Patient Ally? To access Patient Ally’s patient portal, you must first receive an email initiated by our office, but will be from Office Ally Patient Ally. If you do not see the email, please check your spam folder in case the invitation email was accidentally put there versus your inbox.

What do I do if the invitation email link does not work? Please call our office, 850-389-8489, and our Patient Care Team will send another email invitation for you to enroll. Keep in mind, all email invitations have an expiration date for security purposes.

What will I need for the enrollment process? You will need 1) a valid email in which you would like to receive notifications and 2) a valid phone number that you can link to your account to receive a verification code you can get via text message or phone call. Your username will need to be a minimum of 5 characters and your password will need to be at least 6 characters.

Can my username be changed? Unfortunately, no, you cannot change your username at this time.

I already enrolled, how do I log in to Patient Ally? If you have set up your Patient Ally account with a valid email, click here and you will be directed to the Patient Ally log on screen. You’ll need your username and password.

I forgot my username, what do I do? If you do not remember your username, you can click on the Help button on the Patient Ally log on screen then select Recover Username. Follow the instructions on the screen, complete the form, and your username will be emailed to you.

I forgot my password, what do I do? f you do not remember your username, you can click on the Help button on the Patient Ally log on screen then select Recover Password. Follow the instructions on the screen, complete the form, and select how you would like to receive the verification code needed to reset your password (email, text SMS, or voice call).

How do I add a provider to my Patient Ally account? In order to add a provider to your Patient Ally account, the provider must invite you as a connection if you have another practice or facility that also uses Patient Ally and you are already currently enrolled.

Why does my provider show up in the Message section, but not the Appointments section? If you do not see your provider listed in a certain feature of Patient Ally, the provider and/or practice has not chosen to utilize or support that feature.

Which browsers does Patient Ally support? Patient Ally can be used on multiple browsers including Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

What if I need more help? If you need more help with the Patient Ally system, please contact Patient Ally Technical Support at 1-888-747-4255 or via email,